Some thoughts about Video

To Video or not to Video- that is the quesition….

For some- it’s a total no brainer- Video for sure!! Other don’t really know what the big deal is- here are my 2 cents….

Here are just some of my thought and ‘advise’ on Video and what I’ve heard couples say.

My first and foremost love will probably always be photography. The way it freezes a moment and takes you back to so many memories is just amazing! To this day I love paging through my photo albums (I pretty much have my whole childhood documented, thanks mom!!!!) and there are few things that are as cool and as significant as being able to look back at a season of your life, frozen in a moment. And you can hang a photo on your wall (just saying)

Video is becoming increasingly popular and I’ve heard of people calling it “life”. In a way- yes. It totally brings a real time/real life element to your wedding day. As you don’t ‘get ready’ together right- there are quite a few elements of your day that you can’t see- video literally takes you into the room where things were happening- the emotions your groom was feeling, the vibe in the brides room.

Wedding days are also really big days- the emotions are huge and overwhelming at times and it is really hard to take it all in. The day can often fly past and you don’t always get a chance to soak it in. Video then once again has an amazing way to help you relive those moments- to listen to the speeches again, to see parts of your first dance……. sigh…’s so great!

The longevity of it is also quite epic- showing friends or family who weren’t able to attend the wedding some realtime footage is awesome! Not to mention being able to show your kids one day- what your wedding day looked like, or how their now ‘dad’ can move on the dance floor. It’s value way surpasses your wedding day!

But with that said- I believe a wedding day should be a celebrations of love and not a ‘show’ for people , so I don’t feel that it should be about what you get to post on your social media page- but more about what you get to keep after your wedding day to remind you of your commitment and love for ‘your person’. To inspire you to keep working on your marriage and to cultivate a friendship and love that is real and awesome and strong. For some, video is not an option because of your budget- and you know what- that’s okay. Your wedding day should be about celebrating with your best people in your own way- and if your budget can’t afford all the bells and whistles, then don’t even feel bad about it. (I’m clearly a terrible sales lady- but I feel that couples shouldn’t go into dept for one day) Is video epic? Yes!!! I FREAKING LOVE it. Is it a necessity? That is each couples own prerogative, and I applaud whatever your choice may be. The point for me in writing this, was to help you to see and understand the potential benefit of choosing video (and choosing it because you want it, not because everyone has it or because it is the popular thing to do).

With that said- my husband and I have fallen in love with offering video as part of our offering.

If you were keen to find out more- check out our video page here: Video

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