What to wear for your engagement shoot

So I had to take some content photos of myself on Sunday, and after wrestling with the tripod and remote for my camera for about 20 min- I finally ‘got over’ myself and asked my husband for help.

Now- after being married for almost 7 years, you’d think I wouldn’t be nervous around him right?

HA! I spend 30 min throwing every sweater I owned onto ‘the chair’ as I tried to choose an appropriate outfit.

Not to mention how self-conscious I felt when he stated clicking away-

Nervous about your engagement shoot - I feel ya!!


I’m Lika

I’m a destination wedding photographer (which is a fancy way of saying that I’ll shoot your wedding pretty much ANYWHERE)

I’m all about the WILD, FREE, IMPERFECT moments!

Follow me for some engagement shoot wardrobe Inspo!!

I’ve got a few pointers for one of the most FAQ when it comes to engagement shoots!!

This is pretty much just a quick list of 4 pointers of what to wear and to still ‘do you’ !

nevada and david-162.jpg

  • same-same but not match-matchy

Being too matchy-matchy is pretty out of date- but your looks should fit together. There are two main ways to fit:

1) Level of formality (if you are wearing an evening gown- he shouldn’t be in a swimsuit)

2) Colour pallet- Drawing from the same colour pallet - see below for a bit of an elaboration.

marizaan en braam-79.jpg

  • plain ol patterns

Using hints of patterns is a great way to find colour and bind your colour pattern together. Choose a pattern and draw your colour pallet from it.

  • bring on the bling!

Layers and accessories can add a lot of depth and interest. They can also elevate a decent outfit into a stunning outfit. Sometimes just adding a beanie and a scarf can update an outfit instantly. Accessories are EPIC for adding your personality to a photo shoot.

‘Individuality and self expression will always be more alluring than following fashion slavishly.’

  • fancy pants

Engagement photo’s are a once in a lifetime opportunity- so don’t be afraid to ‘suit up’ if that’s your thing.

There is plenty of time for an outfit change, so go for fancy and casual if you like.

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Well Hi there!

am SOO freaking STOKED that you are here!

I’m Lika (from Lik.a.girl) See what I did there- with my name- I’m funny like that!! ( I also laugh at my own jokes just FYI- I’m HILARIOUS)

I’m a Johannesburg based destination wedding photographer (which is a just a ‘fancy’ way of saying that I will shoot a wedding pretty much anywhere!!)

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