Help I'm engaged!!

Wedding Advice from Real Brides

DAMN GIRL!! He finally put a ring on it!!! Now you can sit down- and plan the wedding day you’ve been dreaming about since like forever…

The problem is- most of us have never done this before! Totally new territory!

I’ve gathered some tips for you- from past brides (both mine and from all over)! Things they wished they knew or loved or would do differently if they had the chance.

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1) Alone Time

You are surrounded by people ALL DAY. GOSH! Try to find just 5 min somewhere just to be alone (this might sound silly) but things seem calm and then all of a sudden it gets CRAZY! Your wedding day goes by super fast- take time to be intentional and take it in- steal away 5 min to just absorb what is happening. Lock yourself in the bathroom if you have to - just do it.

2) Eat your food.

You want your day to be memorable, because it was magical, not because you passed out. Make sure you eat a breakfast and drink water. You often don’t eat on your wedding day (true story)

3) Take it slow!

WALK SLOWLY DOWN THE AISLE. How often do you get to do that in your life? This is without a doubt the quickest part of a wedding- as well as a once in a lifetime moment. Don’t be afraid to look at your guests and take in the moment. Warn your dad if that helps- Dad duty- ‘Dad please slow me down if I am walking too fast’.

(also- this is a great moment for photo’s- don’t rush :))

4) Invest in good photos and video

(Just FYI- this tip wasn’t from brides that I’ve photographed- not that I’m perfect, just saying- on that note see what people have said about me)

Go for the good photographer! It seems so very expensive- and it’s tempting to choose a friend of a friend or family to try and save costs- but it doesn’t always go as planned. The only thing you have left after your wedding day is your photo’s (and if you can afford it- video). They are worth investing in.

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5) Find a helper to find people for your group photo’s

This is a great time saver and makes your group photo’s run smoothly. Write a list of the people you want in groups, and delegate the task of assembling them to someone.

6) ESCAPE with your husband

Weirdly enough- you don’t see as much of each other on your wedding day as you would think. So- especially during your couple shoot- go away from the guests and enjoy what just happened- you got married! Even before they shower you with confetti- stop, look at your husband and take in the moment!!

Your couple shoot is great for this- it is the one time of the day where you can’t be interrupted and it’s just YOUR time to enjoy!! (I love it when a couple does this- as I love natural emotions and interactions- this is a treat to photograph!!)

Anxious about your guests waiting (tips for that:)

  • seating (most guests are very chilled as long as they have a place to sit) No one likes to stand for hours at a time. So try and organize ample seating where you want your guests to hang out while you take photos.

  • food and drink. Who doesn’t like a good snack? A good trend at the moment is cutting your cake earlier, and serving it as part of your snacks- it helps that guests actually eat the cake (so you aren’t stuck with leftovers)

  • games. A good idea to keep guests entertained and happy. Think lawn bowl, giant jenga etc or even a fun quiz.

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7) Don’t worry about the small things

Even though you’ve spent month planning everyhing to the ‘T’- your guests don’t know what things should have looked like. So if something goes wrong- no one will know. Focus on taking in the day. What must be must be.

8)Smaller guest list

This was actually quite a common feedback I got from brides- and might not be for everyone (esp if you are super social) But quite a few people felt they would have enjoyed a smaller wedding with just the most important people there. (And not to mention all the money you could save)

Those were some of the top tips I got from brides.

Hope it helped a bit!




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