Questions you need to ask befor you start planning your wedding!!

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If you are reading this, you might be newly engaged- YAY!! HOW FREAKING STOKED ARE YOU?? (seriously- how many wedding pins have you pinned?)

When I stared planning my wedding- I was super overwhelmed by everything that needed to be done (and all the opinions, choices and options had me close to a having a panic attack). Pinterest is great for Inspo- but I hear so many people complaining about the pressure it puts on them to create this ‘perfect’ wedding and overwhelming them with all the possibilities!! Not to mentions how distracting it can be!!

Distracting how you might ask? Well- you have a 100 ideas at the click of a button- but where does that leave you? Are you focussing on the ‘core’ or your wedding- Why you are getting married? Or are you focussing on what is going to be most impressive to share on social media (Truth bomb- sorry, not sorry)

Although planning a wedding is SUPER hard work. Period. It takes A LOT of time and effort and money. It can be super awesome- as it can be a time where you and your (soon to be) husband can bond and plan a meaningful and awesome wedding that you will remember for.e.ver.!!

I find these questions super helpful to guide you in the right direction:

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1) How much do we want to spend VS How much can we actually afford to spend?

The money talk. It’s never pleasant- but it’s the backbone of everything that you are going to be doing in the coming months. Pretty much every decision you are going to be making from here on our depends on what you can afford. Phrasing these two questions together- the one might sound like your ‘dream’ budget, and the other like a strict affordable second choice- but this might not be true. Some couples come to the table with a very conservative budget and realise that you might have to loosen the purse strings a bit.

2)How many guests do we invite? VS Who can we not imaging getting married without?

This could actually almost be your first question- as the largest part of your budget solely depends on your guest list. Do you want to have a wedding big enough so that you can spend time with every guest- or do you want to include as many as possible. Asking these questions will help you to make your list based on what’s most important to you, instead of what is expected of you. This sets quite an important emotional tone for you day- and in the long run could be very beneficial, as you know who is non-negotiable, and you know who you need to ‘cut’ on your list if you feel you need to do this at a later stage.

3)What vendors do we need at our wedding? VS What are the most important things to include in our wedding?

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When it comes to vendors- each persons’ priorities are different. It might be a good idea to start with a list of potential vendors: venue, photographer, videographer, florist, hair and makeup, officiator, DJ, caterer, live entertainment etc. As we are all different- find out what your top 3 priorities are- and find a compromise that will make both of you happy. Once you’ve chosen your top 3- see if you budget is reflecting that. (Is it really important to have a photographer and videographer- or do you want to be swimming in a see of flowers?) If you are clear on your top priorities- you are less likely to invest money in the ‘wrong’ things- you can steer your finances where you feel they must go to create the day that is important to you.

4) What do we want our day to look like? VS What do we want our day to feel like?

I love Pinterest- don’t get me wrong! But you should have a Pinterest board that reflects what you love as a couple. Before you jump in a decide on colour pallets/backdrops etc- make a list/moodboard with words that you want your wedding to FEEL like- ‘cozy, warm, intimate, wild, adventurous, timeless etc’. Don’t be afraid to use words that also describe you as a couple. Remember to think about things that you love to do as a couple- are your fur baby cuddles the highlight of your day? Do you make playlists like a boss? Try to include these things that are so unique to you- because it’s YOUR wedding!

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Thank you for reading through all my tips- I really hope they are helpful in this engagement season that you are in!!

I am so stoked that you are here- have a look at what I LOVE to do, and what I would LOVE to create for you!


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