5 EPIC Forest Locations for your engagement or wedding!

Aren’t forests just so FREAKING magical? I think so!! I’ve put together a short list of great spots with some pretty forests!! YAY! Let’s go!

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1) Bryanston Pine Forest

Such a great spot for engagement shoots! In the heart of Bryanston (JHB) a full city block full of pine trees!
Free access and always open- EPIC!

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2) Riversands 

A well kept secret in terms of photography spots (shhh! don't tell anyone!) I kind of like that people don’t know about this spot yet.
Not only is it a great place for craft beer, pancakes and live music- they have a stunning variety of forest, grass fields and a river!! (sigh)


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3) Casalinga

Not only is this Italian Restaurant great for Date-Night- but it has a STUNNING pine forest. (It's also a wedding venue- use it, don’t use it)
It's situated in Muldersdrift and also has a great coffee shop, chocolatier and vegan restaurant on it's premises.



4) Hedianga Farm

This is a great outdoor spot with a fairly 'natural' forest- so less structured than one with the same tree's everywhere ,but there are some epic hikes here (And you can bring your dog- thats enough to sell it to me!! When are we going?!)

R45 entrance pp- but worth it!


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5) Acorn Guest Farm

Fancy getting married in the middle of a forest and making a weekend of it- then Acorn Guest Farm is for you!

Acorn Guest Farm

Hope you are Inspired to go and make magic!





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