the truth about our couple shoot...

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You know that terrible dream where you are being chased by a rabies-infected dog and in your dream you seem to be moving in slow motion, and the more your brain is shouting at you to mooooove the slower you seem to go until it seems like you are stuck in a lake of tar…


Yeah, about a year ago I booked a couple shoot for me and my husband and I kept having a dream like that

(I was pretty petrified about having my photo taken – the irony right!)

 and you know what


I personally think that’s why more people don’t do couple shoots.

It feels awkward, you don’t think you're photogenic, and you wouldn't even know where to start to ‘pose’.

‘Other people’ - now THEY look good in photo’s.

I totally get that - don’t worry!


Before my shoot I:

  • lived on pinterest for the never ending search for perfect outfit that shows my unique style but is also Instagram worthy.

  •  Felt totally weird and self-conscious about how to pose, so I stood in front of the mirror and practiced all the angles that might look natural – and tried to not do the ‘showing all my teeth’ laugh.

  • Noticed a new pimple on my cheek- and wondered if I should try and squeeze in a facial before our shoot

  •  Or if I should just squeeze the pimple and put on a face mask

  • Found the perfect dress online- and wondered if it’s possible to lose 5kg in 2 weeks.

  • Read up about intermittent fasting.

  • Got really hungry 2 hours later and forgot that I was going to try intermittent fasting…

 I get your fears!

But you know what..

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I kid you not!

I actually think my shoots with couples that are super awkward in front of the camera are my favourite!

They don’t expect to be super models (Like anyone is?!)

It’s like they cling to each other as a shield from the camera - haha - its true!! And somehow it makes magic!


Instead of worrying about the camera- they focus on each other- which is the whole point!!!

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The unposed, real and candid moments are the whole point!!

The photo’s from my shoot - where I show my ‘all the teeth’ laugh are my favourite!

THEY SHOW WHO WE ARE - not who we are ‘trying to be’.

Seeing those photo’s on my wall reminds me of how far we’ve come and WHY I love my husband

and that is just the best.thing.ever!!

You cannot have enough reminders of the good things in your life!!


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In this busy short life we live in, it’s vital to seek out the good moment!

To be intentional about connection.

To press pause, and take in a moment.

So I suppose- this is the truth about our couple shoot I want everyone to know:

that awkwardness is okay - because connection is the point, not perfection.

It’s better to TAKE THE PHOTO and HAVE THE MEMORY, than not.

And we regret more the things we didn't do, than the things we did do.



Let’s be awkward together and make magic!!

  • 60 min location shoot

  • filled with #momentsoverposes

  • min 60 images sent via download link

  • R2500 =memories that will last for-e-ver!

Here are the dates I have available:


26 October 2019

23 November 2019

24 November 2019


7 December

8 December

(and afternoon between 9-13 December)

Get in touch!!

I would FREAKING LOVE to hear from you.

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Which date are you interested in?
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This is us by the way (with all wrinkles and all the teeth showing) But loving this complicated and messy journey we call life.

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